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ADHD and Dopamine
Here are the notes from our Online Course on ADHD and Dopamine.
Neuroscience of Learning 2017 PCSC
If you attended the Pierce County Skills Center training October 2017 - these slides bring you up to date.
This information lays out the fundamental information requisite for adapting your classroom activities to a brain centric approach with kinesthetic content focus.
Neuroscience of Learning
Fundamental information that parents and teachers need to connect neuroscience with teaching and learning.
Teachers will immediately confirm why some of the techniques we use on a daily basis in our classes always work and why the others could never work.
Activate Students Brains
This neuroscience information is about activating students brains in your classroom so that learning can occur. Eliminates boredom and stress.
Teachers who understand this information will be able to hold students attention, teach meaningful classes and engage their students in learning with deep understanding.
Expertise and Neuroscience
This new look at expertise through the lens of neuroscience will change the way we teach our students.
Teachers will learn how to distinguish between routine expertise and adaptive expertise and know what that means.

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